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tp.jpg (26363 bytes)When I first started rehearsing for this show I realized that to find the perfect bass player would be as difficult as locating a pure uranium mine.  In spite of my efforts, numerous phone calls, and persistent searches for someone who could actually play, I was making little headway.  The thought of abandoning the project, especially after all the various personnel changes, did actually cross my mind.  However, because I am not one to easily give up, I decided to redouble my thought process, change modality, switch gears, and subscribe to the use of the ultimate tool for achieving my goals in a reasonable amount of time.  Enter, T.P. Bass Player, a person who I can depend on to: know his parts, always show up on time (he rides with me), never make mistakes, and not give me any problems due to ridiculous opinions.  In addition to being dependable, punctual, and well-rehearsed, he joined with a wonderful array of electric and synthesized basses, as well as various acoustic and fretless varieties.   I am thrilled to be working with this consummate professional.




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